Ultra-Absorbent Dog Training Pads w/ Mountain Scent (100 Pack) AS 62932
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Ultra-Absorbent Dog Training Pads w/ Mountain Scent (100 Pack) AS 62932

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  • 6 layer pad for leak-proof protection.
  • Training made easy with built-in attractant and odor control.
  • Quick drying gel provides immediate absorption to prevent tracking and leaking.
  • Ideal for dogs that are prone to accidents, and housebreaking new pups.
  • More absorbent than other leading brands!
These training pads are ideal for puppies and dogs that stay indoors for long periods of time. What you should do? Unfold the training pad and place it in a confined area (blue plastic side down). it is important to place your puppy or dog on the training pad several times a day in order to get him used it. On the average, a puppy must relieve himself every few hours, based on his age (a 2 month old puppy every 2 hours, a 3 month old every hour, etc. ). If your pet relieves himself somewhere other than the designated spot where the pad is placed, bring him back to the correct spot immediately. Keep in mind that your pet will have to relieve himself shortly after a meal and will need to eliminate more frequently during the summer when his water intake is higher. The minute your dog begins to relieve himself on the pad, be sure to use cues like "go putty". You should use this cue every time that your dog relieves himself on the pad so that he associates the phrase with the action of elimination. Every time that your pet uses the pad successfully, make sure that you give him a treat and lots of praise. Treating helps your dog to understand that he is doing what you want him to do. Always remember to dispose soiled pads and replace them as needed. When your pet begins to relieve himself on the pads, on consistent basis, it is time to begin moving the pad closer to the door. Keep moving the pads closer to the door until they are actually outside. At this time, the training process will be complete.
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