Remineralizing & Whitening Tooth Enamel & Gum Powder w/ Essential Oils (2oz)
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Remineralizing & Whitening Tooth Enamel & Gum Powder w/ Essential Oils (2oz)

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  • DENTIST RECOMMENDED - total oral care for gum and enamel health. Can be used as an antiseptic gargle.
  • REMINERALIZING TOOTH POWDER - helps remineralize teeth with calcium, strontium, boron and other trace minerals found in natural salts and calcium carbonate.
  • WHITENING TOOTH POWDER - soft polishing effect for whitening teeth and removing stains. High alkalinity to keep bacteria out of your mouth for longer amounts of time.
  • Dentist recommended. Vegan, non GMO and organic ingredients (and it’s edible!).
Did you know that tooth powder is clinically proven to be more effective than paste at removing plaque? Our tooth powder takes all the binders and fillers out of toothpaste and allows you to brush with just what you NEED, reaching enamel and the gum line directly. When you Don't rinse, you're leaving your oral cavity healthier for LONGER! Unfortunately, almost all oral care products require you to rinse. Our award winning product uses only food grade ingredients and is an exclusive NO RINSE formula. Most municipal tap sources are below 7 in pH and when you rinse your mouth out, you're speeding up the process in which anaerobic bacteria thrive. Our tooth powder is almost a 10 in alkalinity and when you Don't rinse, the product works longer for you. When it tastes like a “dissolved mint” you won't mind! Our tooth powder is not just nontoxic, it's edible. People with really sensitive teeth should use the product 5 times a day as a mouthwash to support remineralization. You get perfectly polished teeth and incredibly healthy gums with the use of pure essential oils that are proven to be highly therapeutic and useful in oral health as they are a natural anti-inflammatory and naturally anti-septic. We use natural salt and coconut, salivating slightly is a great way to help restore moisture and to suspend trace minerals next to the enamel where they are absorbed!We milk our own ingredients down to below 40 microns for a super soft abrasion that quickly turns to a brushing ‘rinse.’ 2 ounces can last up to 8 weeks of daily use! Use it to freshen your mouth anywhere, anytime! Makes a great gift for travelers or outdoor enthusiasts!
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