Pure Keratin Hair Fibers Perfect to Hide Bald Spots - Dark Brown
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Pure Keratin Hair Fibers Perfect to Hide Bald Spots - Dark Brown

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  • Keratin Hair Thickening Fibres are the perfect way to add instant volume and thickness to your hair
  • High-grade fibres made from 100% natural keratin and designed to merge perfectly with your own hair
  • Using patented Kinetic TM technology fibres bind up to 400% times better than others
Size:15-grams  |  Color:Dark Brown 100% natural keratin hair fibres for men and women who want to instantly improve the appearance of their hair. Directions Shake the Kinetic Jar over thinning hair, releasing the hair fibres. Blend the hair fibres into your hair with your fingers. Repeat if necessary adding hair building fibre to get the perfect hair thickness and density. Optional: Waterproof and lock with Fibre Locking Spray.
Keratin Hair Fibers 10 natural shades Nanogen Renowned for combining research, development and formulation by a team of in-house biochemists, London based haircare brand, Nanogen, has a wide range of hair care and styling products. These have been specifically created for thickening hair and improving scalp health for both men and women. The range includes a complete regime of cleansing, conditioning, volumizing and protecting products for your hair. With Nanogen, you can get your confidence back Available in 15g and 30g Nanogen's thickening Keratin Hair Fibers are the perfect way to add volume and thickness to fine or thinning hair. The fibers can be applied easily to conceal and thicken any areas of hair thinning or scalp show through in seconds. Our revolutionary Hair Fibers are made from high quality, natural keratin. Available in ten natural shades, they merge perfectly with your own hair using an electrostatic charge to give instant, natural and durable hair thickness and coverage, which lasts all day! Trust in Nanogen: The first to bring keratin hair fibers to the UK, with over ten years expertise Transform thinning or fine hair in just 30 seconds Instant looking coverage and thickness Color lock technology means there will be no staining to your skin or clothing Made from natural keratin / contains no parabens: perfect for men and women who have sensitive scalps and those wanting a natural finish Nanogen’s hair fibers will not clog your scalp and is safe to use when using Minoxidil or any other topical treatment The Science of Thicker Hair What Makes Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers Unique? What makes Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers unique? Our Hair Fiber jar generates an electrostatic charge in the keratin fibers via the patented Kinetic strip. Nanogen's Superior Charge Nanogen fibers change the keratin to create a dipolar charge. This means one end of the fiber is positive, and the other end is negative. So it doesn’t matter where on your hair the fiber falls, they will blend seamlessly with your own natural hair. Nanogen's dipolar coating is unique, and only dipolar fibers bind perfectly every single time! Color Lock Technology Unlike other brands, our fibers are coated in a unique formula, which stops the dye from running into the hair or scalp. The coating binds directly to the keratin to securely lock the color in and stop it from bleeding out in water or sweat! It also prevents the fibers from rubbing off and staining your clothes and your pillow! How To Apply Step 1 Style your hair as normal. Lightly sprinkle on areas of hair where thicker hair or concealment is needed. Gently blend the fibers with your fingers. Step 2 If you are mixing different shades for a natural finish, use the darker color first as a base, and then use the lighter color fibers to touch up. Step 3 For better results and a secure hold, use our Hair Fiber Locking Spray. Hold the bottle 10 - 15cm from your hair and spray four times. To make your hair waterproof hold the bottle 5cm away from your hair and spray four to five times. Step 4 Remember less is more! Start gently and build layers of fibers until desired thickness and coverage is achieved. Simply wash out with Nanogen's cleansing range. Industries best kept styling secret Celebrity hairstylist Matthew Curtis tells us why Nanogen's Keratin Hair Fibers are the industries top secret that professionals have been using backstage for years! 1) Shake the fibers throughout your hair and use your fingers to drag them through; as the fibers cling to your existing natural hair. 2) If you want to conceal those finer areas around the front of your hairline or throughout the back of your updo style, simply tap the fibers in the areas needed to achieve a seamless and chic look. 3) Lightweight and glue free hair extensions are a great way to thicken your natural hair instantly. Nanogen's Keratin Hair Fibers are the ultimate styling secret when it comes to hiding extension clips; simply sprinkle over the areas where the clips are most visible and see how they disappear in just a few seconds. 4) For us guys wanting stylish quiffs to classic side-parts and longer styles, use Nanogen's Fibers to create thickness where needed, for completely under the radar results.
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