Personal Care

BF Nails

Premium Glass Nail File with Case

$279.95 $309.95

EXPERTLY SHAPE nails with comfort, ease & efficiency. Glides gently in any direction across the nail, with no irritating scraping sensationSTRENGTHEN & HARDEN nails with regular, long-term use & grow long, healthy beautiful nails!NEVER GO BACK to harmful...

AM Magnesium

Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil Topical Spray 64oz

$278.95 $308.95

ULTRA EFFECTIVE AND RAPIDLY ABSORBED MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE OIL SPRAY: Low magnesium can present with both neurological and muscular effects. The benefits are endless. Effective for Stress Relief and Relaxation, sleep improvement, restless legs syndrome,...

NR Cosmetics

Mens Daily Cream for Increased Sensitivity Down there

$280.95 $310.95

RELIEVE SKIN IRRITATION – Help relieve itching, irritation, dryness, chaffing and redness. This men's cream is formulated to recondition you skin improving the appearance and health. INCREASED SENSITIVITY - This top notch natural men's health and...