Natural Effective Non-Irritating Deodorant that Actually Works
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Natural Effective Non-Irritating Deodorant that Actually Works

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  • SENSITIVE SKIN FORMULA - Unlike baking soda - heavy formulas, our natural deodorant will not irritate the skin (unless you are VERY sensitive to baking soda). We use just enough baking soda to combat odor; yet a small enough amount to prevent skin irritation.
  • POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE - Unlike most natural deodorants available on the market today, our natural deodorant REALLY works! Carefully selected ingredients work together to keep you smelling fresh all day!
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Our All Natural deodorant is handcrafted using all natural and organic ingredients. It is Parabens Free, Aluminum Free, Phthalates Free, GMO Free and Cruelty Free.
  • Contains ACTIVATED CHARCOAL POWDER to help absorb sweat and neutralize odor. Packaged in a beautiful 2 oz blue GLASS jar.
Uses only the finest quality, all natural and organic ingredients to handcraft our Natural Deodorant. Our All natural deodorant is crafted with activated charcoal powder to help absorb sweat and neutralize odor. With the ability to absorb 1000x its own weight in moisture, the activated charcoal in our deodorant will help absorb wetness to protect your clothes from sweat stains, while helping to draw toxins from your armpits. The powerful anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil and colloidal silver combined with the PH balancing properties of magnesium oil help combat odor-causing bacteria under the armpits to keep you smelling fresh all day! We understand that some people are sensitive to baking soda, which can irritate the skin. Our formula uses a much smaller amount of baking soda - just enough to still combat odor. If you find yourself still sensitive to our formula, we recommend priming your skin by spraying the underarms with equal parts organic apple cider vinegar and distilled water before applying the deodorant. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT an antiperspirant, and you will still sweat, but you will not stink : ). It is healthy to allow your body to sweat! As with all natural deodorants, you must allow time for your body to adjust to our chemical-free deodorant. It will take a little time for your armpits to detox (from years of using chemical-filled antiperspirants) and return to its natural less-stinky state. We recommend that during this transitional period, you wipe your armpits mid-day and reapply the deodorant. It can take up to 2-3 weeks before natural deodorants will for you! Due to the nature of coconut oil, this deodorant can soften in very warm temperatures. No worries! Just stir it a bit, and place it in the fridge for a few minutes or until the deodorant returns to the desired consistency. It can also be used with no problems in its softened state.
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