Long-Lasting Egyptian Musk Light Fragrance Body Oil Roll On
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Long-Lasting Egyptian Musk Light Fragrance Body Oil Roll On (4oz)

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  • LONG LASTING: Egyptian Musk is often misunderstood with how long the fragrance lasts. It is a light fragrance by creation and is not meant to be heady, overpowering or leave a scent trail.
  • Egyptian Musk is light so that it can be used deliberate, on the entire body.
  • Some that wear the fragrance will not be able to detect it after the first few hours of wearing it but those around you will as the fragrance blends with your natural body scent.
This Egyptian Musk Oil an approximation of the original recipe and formulations that were found in ancient Egyptian books. The formulators often use Ambrette seed which is a musk mallow seed oil that is a great substitute for musk. Other ingredients commonly use in formulating this Egyptian Musk Oil are: Patchouli essential oil, Rose petal essential oil, Cedar wood essential oil, Myrrh essential oil, Frankincense essential oil, White Musk oil, Amber oil, and Sweet Almond oil. Egyptian Musk Oil goes dormant when it is cold and will be thicker and less fragrant. This is by creation as the oil sits on your skin like a lotion until your body temperature rises, warms and begins to melt the Egyptian Musk Oil and the scent begins to radiate. This is why the scent is known to fade in and out throughout the day. This Egyptian Musk Oil is patterned after the original scent created in ancient Egyptian times and is not meant to be strong or overly potent - it is a light scent by creation. It will not leave a scent trail and is often called an office or gym scent as the scent sticks close to your personal space. However, those close to you will be able to detect the alluring scent that is true Egyptian Musk Oil. It's the absolute best for layering with other scents. The consistency of the oil and light characteristics enable the musk oil to act as a vessel and enhancer for your other favorite scents. Try layering Egyptian Musk Oil with such essential oils as Jasmine, Lavender, Vanilla or woodsier notes like Sandalwood.
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