Barber Grade Hair Styling Cream

$23.95 $29.95

Barber Grade Hair Styling Matte Cream for a barely-there look you can run your fingers through. Works great on all types of hair. Low hold and low shine. Use in dry hair for a non-product feel. The "dirty" look. Tired of the guesswork that comes with...

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Organic Dreadlock Product

Best Hairspray for Dreadlock

$38.95 $59.95

The “all in one” dreadlock tightening sprayTightens dreadlocks, strengthens hair, and nourishes the scalpHelps to prevent dandruff and moisturize scalpReduce the amount of loose frizzy hairIncrease scalp hydration and refreshen hair/dreadlocksA unique...

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Bisme Products

Best Detangling Bristle Hair Brush

$19.95 $29.95

CARE FOR YOUR HAIR: Easily glide through thin to thick hair and detangle knots with ease, while the boar bristles help distributing natural oil evenly to prevent hair breakage, seal in split ends and reduce frizzy. Daily use for improving hair texture...

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BTZ Cosmetics

Flat Iron & Hair Curler Heat Protection Spray

$36.95 $59.95

Seals the cuticle for silky smooth looking hairCreates slip for effortless heat stylingUse with any heat styling applianceLeaves hair soft and manageableSize: 8.5 ozProvides protection prior to heat styling. This highly popular spray-in treatment that...