All Natural Refreshing Leg Gel for Varicose Veins and Spider Veins
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All Natural Refreshing Leg Gel for Varicose Veins and Spider Veins (5oz)

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  • HIGH QUALITY—Refreshing Leg Gel formulated by Pharmacists and Tested under Dermatological control, This Varicose Veins Treatment contain Natural Active Ingredients carefully selected to offer every Woman a Treatment in perfect Harmony with her Skin’s Needs. Get rid of Thread Veins, Burning Feet, Burning Leg Pain, Legs Burning. It will leave you with Satin Smooth Skin.
  • IT JUST WORKS! This Refreshing Leg Gel improves the Blood Flow & the Venous Valves can Pump the Blood to the Heart more Efficiently. It’s just Great to have Relief from Aching Leg Muscles, Protecting your Legs from Potential Varicose Veins, while also being able to stand during your Pregnancy. Get this Gel and get Immediate Relief Now. With this Treatment for Varicose Veins.
  • GREAT FOR VARICOSE VEINS, SPIDER VEINS & WATER RETENTION DURING PREGNANCY: Hormonal changes such as Heavy Legs and weight gain are normal during pregnancy. These can sometimes lead to varicose veins & water retention in the legs during pregnancy. Use this Refreshing Leg Gel to help keep your Veins and Legs from Aching, Pain in Legs, Aching Legs, Lower Leg Pain.
  • REFRESH YOUR TIRED, ACHING LEGS & PREVENT LEG FATIGUE: Because of the increased weight & the Swelling in Legs, your legs can often Ache during Pregnancy. This Refreshing Leg Gel Boost Circulation in your Legs which will Result in the Blood to Flow back to the Heart more easily, Preventing Swellings. Your Legs will thank you for the Relief that is Provided. Your Skin will feel Soft, Silky and Smooth Great for Varicose Veins Pregnancy.
  • HELIABRINE REFRESHING LEG GEL has outstanding Moisturizing, Healing and Repairing properties. It also contains Phytoserols and Vitamins A, D, E which Protect the Skin’s Suppleness and Elasticity. It immediate Freshness, Soothes, Relax and Relief for Tired and Burning Legs. Improves Blood Circulation, Makes Draining Easier in case of Heat Waves, Pregnancy, Long-Time Standing, Overweight, and Air Travels. It Tones your skin.
Size:1 Discover The Secret Of Thousands Of Women:Refreshing Leg Gel— its SOOTHES, TONES, RELAX, REFRESH and Repairing your legs.Heavy Legs…?Heavy legs are often the consequence of veinous problem which may result in Burning legs. 1 person out of 3 on an averageis concerned, & 80% of women. Predisposing Factors Are: Heredity, Pregnancy, pescavus & menopause… there are also aggravating factors such as: obesity, sedentarity, long standing or sitting, exposure to sun or heat, tight clothing. This is why HELIABRINE has created THE REFRESHING LEG GEL which Soothe, Tones, Relax, refresh and Healing your Legs, improves Blood Circulation gets rid of Thread Veins, Burning Feet, Burning Leg Pain, Aching Leg Muscles, Spider Veins, Water retention, Lower leg pain, Aching legs, Pain in legs, Leg Fatigue, Swelling in Legs, Boost Circulation, prevents Legs Burning. Heliabrine Refreshing Leg Gel contains a cocktail of specific ingredients Vitamins A, D, E, with Toning, Soothing & Relaxing properties to Relieve the Sensation of Heavy Legs best Varicose Veins Treatment and Preventing Swellings. Refreshing Leg Gel formula is a fresh gel that penetrates quickly & does NOT STAIN it leaves a Soft & Silky Skin. RESULTS: As of the first application, it relieves from the unpleasant feeling of hot heavy legs, relaxes, Toning, Draining, and Refreshing. It brings Freshness and well-being. Thanks to its strong Moisturizing power, the skin becomes Satin Smooth.

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